Telephone Teller

The Telephone Teller is available by touchtone phone
to access your EWEB EFCU accounts – 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

When you don’t have access to the internet, when traveling, or after hours
you can still access your account information by telephone.

First – call 541-484-5304 to sign up for Power Teller and create your pin number.

Then – call 541-484-5304 option 1 to access the Power Teller 24/7
from any touch tone phone. Teller features are:

1. All Account Balances
2. All History
3. Cleared Checks
4. Cleared Checks, Deposits, Withdrawals
5. Transfers within your account
6. Change your password
7. Transfer to another account
* Exit menu (this bullet is supposed to be the “star key”)