Staff & Officials

Staff and Officials
Members of the Board of Directors are elected from and by the members of the Credit Union. Directors serve in a leadership capacity without pay, for a term of three years. They attend monthly meetings, training sessions and seminars to keep abreast of changes in regulations.


The Board consists of seven members. Each year after the annual meeting, the Board elects a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary. They are responsible for setting the Credit Union policy and directing the President/CEO. The directors come from varied backgrounds and interests. Some have a financial background but most do not. They bring with them common sense and an ability to work together for the common good of our members. The following are your current board members.
Sandy Harmon Chair of the Board
Tom Buckhouse Vice Chair
Jill Hoyenga Treasurer
Jim Origliosso ALM Committee Chair
Doug Glass Secretary
Brent Bacon Board Member
Cathy Gray Board Member
Mary Beckman Supervisory Committee Chair
Rose Staggenborg President/CEO
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Supervisory Committee

The committee’s job is to insure that the members’ funds are being handled in accordance with State and Federal regulations. The committee hires a CPA firm to perform the Agreed Upon Procedures Audit each year to assure that General Accounting Principles are being followed.


Members of the committee also perform other auditing tasks such as verifying closed accounts and activity on dormant accounts. Members of the committee are volunteers who are elected by the Board of Directors to serve three-year terms. The committee works closely with the examiners from the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) during the annual exam. The members of the committee are:

Mary Beckman Chair and Board Liaison
Susan Goddard
Adam Rue
Sandy Goodell
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