Share Savings

We offer a variety of Savings Accounts to meet your financial needs:

Regular Savings Accounts – passbook savings pays dividends designed for short terms savings.  Withdrawals limited to 6 per month without penalty.


Holiday Plus Accounts – save for all your special needs.  Withdrawals are limited to twice a year.  Remaining balance is distributed on November 1st each year.  Perfect for saving for property taxes or holiday spending.


Money Market Accounts – designed to keep your funds liquid but have a better rate of return.  Withdrawals limited to 6 per month without penalty.  Minimum balance of $500.00.  Tiered rates on higher balances.


Share Certificates – require a minimum deposit of $1,000.00.  They are available with terms from 30 days to five years. Higher rates are available on amounts over $15,000.00.


Individual Retirement Accounts – Traditional, Roth, Coverdell ESA.  Our low $1,000.00 minimum deposit makes it an ideal place to begin saving for your future.  This account gives you the flexibility of a deposit account, with higher earnings. These accounts are also eligible to be placed in an IRA Certificate Account.


Your Deposits are Federally Insured to $250,000 by NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration.