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Other Loans

Other Types Of Loans We Offer:

We are pleased to offer a variety of loan products to meet your financial needs! We take pride in knowing our members personally and we approve loans based on your credit-worthiness and ability to repay not your credit score.

Revolving Line of Credit: Designed for those unexpected expenses. Use it only when you need it, pay interest only on the funds you’ve borrowed. Convenient access online, over the phone or by visiting the branch. Can be used for overdraft protection.

Overdraft Line of Credit: Designed to be tied to your checking account to cover a temporary shortfall from an unexpected expense or an “oops” in the math on your check register. Pay interest only on the funds you’ve borrowed.

Signature Loan: Designed as a term loan to pay for a one time borrowing for a fixed expense such as major appliances, medical bills, bill consolidation. Repayment is fixed monthly payment for up to 36 months.

Share Secured Loan: A low interest option to borrow against your investment funds on deposit with the Credit Union. Pay only 2.00% over the Share Certificate Rate you are earning.

Personal Property Loans: Designed as a term loan for purchases of units that are not titled such as tractors, snow mobiles, hot tubs, golf carts, ATV’s, computers, etc. Loans are secured by a UCC filing with the State of Oregon.