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New Free Benefits for your Debit Card

Posted on April 20th, 2022 by Rose Staggenborg

We want to announce two new free benefits to your debit cards. With “My Rewards Plus” your debit cards now earn points that can be spent on gift cards, cash back, merchandise, etc. Register your debit cards by clicking the My Rewards Plus banner (Learn More) on our website to see how many points you have already earned and how to redeem them. One point for every dollar spent.

Another benefit is “SecureLock Equip” this is a way to monitor your debit card activity, prevent fraud, control spending and review transactions. Download the SecureLock Equip app to your phone to sign up for this service

Face masks are no longer required to enter the lobby; however, we do request that anyone with cold like symptom’s not to enter. Call our tellers at 541-484-5304 and they will bring your transaction to the door.